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  • Karma’s a Bitch… But Sometimes It’s Actually Pretty Awesome

    March 24th, 2010AndreaCompetitions, Just For Fun, Mt. High, Snowboarding

    Saturday was supposed to be the “Active Sponsor Me” competition at Mt. High, and I figured, “Hey, I haven’t done a comp. in a while, this one’s laid back and fun; why the hell not?”  So I arrive to the mountain and ask where I can find the registration table, only to find… the competition was moved?!  To Sunday?  A few days prior.  Seriously, who just moves a competition right before its about to happen (and not bother to change any of the posters – wait, correction, apparently the “Web site was updated.”)  I was a little irritated, especially since I now had to pay full price for a ticket on an 85 degree day (think: snow = lake by 11am).

    So I was waiting in line for a ticket and this lady comes up to me holding a stack of tickets and says, “Hey, I see you’re waiting in line for a ticket.  Do you want a free one?”  Say what?  Thinking this was some sort of trick to get me in trouble by the snowboard mafia, I proceeded to grill her on the origin of these so-called “free” tickets.  “I got them for free when I put my kids in ski school, so I don’t have any use for them since I’m not skiing.”  Hm, likely response.  That is what the snowboard mafia would want you to think, now isn’t it?  But wait a minute, a long line in front of me, and a free ticket behind me…  hm, I’ll take my chances!  I’ll just have to whip out my judo kick for when the snowboard mafia jumps out from behind the trees and takes me down to snowboard jail.  Take that snowboard mafia!  (And just in case you were wondering, the ticket actually worked fine.  No hoax!  And I even made a new snowboard bud; nothing like bonding over a couple free tickets, right?)

    So we all know how they saying goes… but on Saturday Karma totally worked in my favor for once!

    And the second moral to my tale is that, although I did not get to watch the “Sponsor Me” comp. (boo hoo), Mt. High put together a dandy little video for everyone else like me out there.  SoCal has some awesome local talent, so catch it here!

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