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  • Top 10 Safety Rules to Remember

    December 29th, 2010AndreaSafety, Snowboarding

    While we all love heading up to the mountain, charging the jumps, and dropping cliffs, it is always important to keep safety top of mind.  Continuing on with our “Best of 2010” series, below are some of the top safety tips to remember before you gear up.

    1. Wear a helmet. It may not look as cool as your newest knit hat, but its the best way to stay safe on the hill.
    2. Call your drop. Meaning, when you’re in the park and you’re about to drop in, just yell “drop.”  Or, if you want people to know its your turn next, yell “drop next” – its safe and efficient!
    3. Have a plan. If you’re riding with a group, have a meeting place, and if you’re dropping blind features, take some time to study the area before you charge.
    4. Don’t stop where you’re not visible. Ie, don’t stop under a cliff, a drop, a jump, etc.  If someone lands on you, its your own dang fault.
    5. The person ahead has the right of way; avoid them.
    6. Know how to detect an avalanche. Start by taking a backcountry safety course if you’re riding out of bounds, and always carry your avalanche gear if you do plan on doing so.
    7. Observe signs and warnings. They have those big orange signs posted on the mountain for a reason – make sure to read them!
    8. Know your limits, and don’t overdo it. If you’ve never attempted a backside 3, don’t try it over a 65 foot table.  Similarly, if you feel like your riding out of control down a crowded groomer, take some time and slow down.  Both you and everyone else around you will thank you.
    9. Don’t ski out of bounds (or if you must, make sure you have a buddy and proper backcountry gear including a shovel, probe and beacon).
    10. Don’t try the new tricks you just saw Louie Vito perform in the Olympics. There’s a reason they’re called “professionals.”

    I know that sometimes safety sounds like fun and games, but with more than five snowboard-related deaths occurring this past December alone, its pretty serious stuff.  Read it, remember it, and always practice safety first.

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