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    October 9th, 2009AndreaBoardalicious

    Snowboard season’s quickly approaching, and of course as the season draws near, so does the online chatter!  We have lots of link love to share, highlighting some of the best content from around the Web and bringing it to Westbound Boarder.  Have something else to share that we may have missed?  Leave a comment below!  And remember… Think Snow.

    • Interview With Jamie Anderson: Jamie Anderson is snowboarding’s latest rising star, and this week Snowboarder Magazine caught up with her for a glimpse of what she’s been up to and what’s next on her list.
    • Louie Vito, He’s Still Dancing: Yes, folks, Louie Vito is still in the running to becoming the next Dancing with the Stars champion (and apparently his hips moved just fine this past Monday).  Read his most recent blog post here.
    • Bike To The Beach With Your Surf Board: I’ve seen several renditions of the bike surfboard rack, but this one takes the idea to new heights… literally.  
    • What? Live and Blog in Aspen… For Free? It’s true.  According to the Denver Post, “A Colorado company is offering a rent-free apartment in Aspen, a ski pass and spending allowances for a year,” and all the chosen one has to do is blog about it.  Pretty wicked; application, please? :) 
    • Tall, White, and “Chunky” Kleptos: This is why you don’t drink and order Craigslist hookers.  Great story, though!
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